Agency services 1«Northern Shipping Company-Agency Ltd.» is one of the most dynamically developing companies on the market of transport services in our region. «NSC-Agency» is a well-equipped company and possesses highly skilled and experienced in transport infrastructure's work staff.

Our company renders agency services to any type of Russian and foreign vessels and represents the interests of our clients in such ports as: Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, Onega, Mezen, Nariyan-Mar, Igarka, Tiksi, Pevek as well as in ports of Barents, White, Kara and Laptev Seas.

During less than 10-years history over than 3000 vessels were served by «NSC-Agency». Among our clients there are the most important northern Shipowners, such as JSC «Northern Shipping Company», JSC «Northern River Shipping Company», JSC «Murmansk Shipping Company», JSC «Bunker Company», «Nevskaya Company Ltd.», as well as foreign partners «Aurora Holdings Ltd.», «NB Shipping Ltd.» and many others.Agency services 2

«NSC-Agency» is the general agent of JSC «Murmansk Shipping Company» and JSC «Northern Shipping Company»in the ports of Kara and White Seas and serves the vessels carrying out the voyages to the countries of Continental Europe as well as coasting vessels transporting cargoes to the eastern directions, the itineraries of Northern Sea Route inclusive.

Relying on close relations with Port Authorities, Berth Operators, Stevedoring Companies, Customs and Border Services our company is able to minimize the time of vessel's call to the port and meet all vessel's and Ship owner’s needs as much as possible.

We propose to our partners broad spectrum of agency services for all types of vessels, such as:

  • legal defence of Ship owner’s and crew's interests and preparing of Sea Protests;
  • arrangement of cargo operations, issuance of cargo documents, estimation of lay time;
  • customs, boarder and sanitary clearance of vessel;
  • arrangement of towage, pilot’s and ice-breaker's assistance;
  • arrangement of survey and tally of cargo;
  • bunkering from bunkering tankers and special berths in the ports of Arkhangelsk, Onega, Murmansk, Dudinka, Mezen, Varandey, Nariyan-Mar as well as marine bunkering in the White, Barents and Kara Seas regions with application of leading bunker companies;
  • bunkering of fresh water from water tankers;
  • arrangement and control of repair, dock repair and presentation to the Register;
  • accomplishment of technical and provisions requests of vessels;
  • crew changes, hotel and ticket's reservation;
  • other services according to the client's requests.

Agency services 3

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