Chartering 1«NSC-Agency»renders services on chartering of shipping facilities in coasting transportations as well as in international shipments. The main lines of activity of our company's work in this market segment – application dry cargo vessels, oil-tankers and specialized vessels for carriage of cargoes or executing of research works, emergency-rescue operations or other works. «NSC-Agency» has a good experience in delivery of bunker, fuels and lubricants, as well as different equipment, friable cargoes, building materials and construction engineering to the distant regions of North Seas, to the places with limited or season access and with discharging to the non-equipped shore. Several projects on delivery of cargoes to the deposits situated in Yamal and Varandey and to the civilian and military installations in Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef Land,Islands Dikson and Vrangel have been successfully realized last years.

Chartering 2Our company's activity is based on knowledge of the region of executed works, technical particularities of fleet and equipment used, high qualification of personnel and careful study for the options of the transportation. One of the key moments of our company's work is constant bilateral communication with clients for efficient coordination of efforts and minimizing of expenses.

Another key moment in NSC's activity is safety of transported cargoes, personnel and surrounding environment.

For transportation of general and bulk cargoes we are able to offer:

  • river/sea vessels with cargo carrying capacity up to 3000 tn. and 3,5 m. of draft;
  • sea vessels with ice-class;
  • barge-towing trains (river/sea) with cargo carrying capacity up to 1600 tn. and 2,2 m. of draft;
  • shallow-draughted barge-towing trains for performing cargo works in shallow water with draft less than 1 m.;
  • floating cranes with cargo carrying capacity from 5 up to 10 tn.;
  • cross-country machinery with pneumatic stroke including, ready to work in extreme conditions;
  • services on reception, storage, handling, loading and fastening of cargo in ports.

For transportation of liquid bulk cargoes:

  • tanker fleet with cargo carrying capacity from 360 up to 12000 tn.;
  • river/sea barge-towing trains with cargo carrying capacity from 800 up to 2000 tn.;
  • services on transshipment/storage of fuels and lubricants at the port of Arkhangelsk (the lumpsum storage up to 7000 thousand of light and up to 7000 thousand of dark petroleum products);
  • services on excitation of fuel and lubricants through hosepipe at the place of discharging (up to 4 km.).

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