Motor transportations«Northern Shipping Company-Agency Ltd.»arranges motor transportations of all types of cargoes «from door to door». Organizing this kind of carriage our company engages the only proven and reliable transportation companies with whom we have a longstanding relationship. Our company effects the transportations of refrigerator, large, heavy and dangerous cargoes with following of the established time limits and issuance of supporting documents. All our clients are always duly informed about the location and movement of cargo.

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Container carriage 1«NSC-Agency»» is the general agent of JSC «Northern Shipping Company» and serves the regular lines Arkhangelsk – Antwerp (Rotterdam) -Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk –Hamburg (Bremen) — Arkhangelsk.

With transshipment through these ports delivery of cargo in containers may be carried out to any part of the world. Since 1999 the share of container carriage on the world transport market is growing by 8-10% per year. Container carriage, as the most progressive technology has the number of undoubted advantages. For example, the speed of delivery of different categories of goods increases a lot what is especially important in import/export operations. Forwarding companies and shippers note reducing the price of transportation, easy change of kinds of transport, increased guarantee of cargo safety. The packaging of container may be realized at the shipper's warehouse or at the workplace where the container is sealed and the cargo arrives to the receiver with the shipper's seal. If the packaging and the unfastening in the container are right, the receiver gets the cargo without mechanical damages; the quality of goods does not deteriorate because of changes in temperature and humidity.

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Ставки и условия перевозки из порта Архангельск в:

- Сабетту;

- Нарьян-Мар,;

- Хатанга - Тикси - Певек;

- Усть-кут;

- остров Новая Земля, архипелаг Северная Земля, Новосибирские острова (о. Котельный, о. Диксон), о. Врангеля;

- а так же в другие портопункты Белого, Баренцева, Карского, Восточно-Сибирского, Чукотского, Берингово морей, моря Лаптевых, а так-же п/о Ямал и Обской губы;

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