Motor transportations«Northern Shipping Company-Agency Ltd.»arranges motor transportations of all types of cargoes «from door to door». Organizing this kind of carriage our company engages the only proven and reliable transportation companies with whom we have a longstanding relationship. Our company effects the transportations of refrigerator, large, heavy and dangerous cargoes with following of the established time limits and issuance of supporting documents. All our clients are always duly informed about the location and movement of cargo.

We offer:

  • transportations by tracks of different marks with volume up to 120 kbm;
  • repair and replacement of cargo's packing;
  • loading/discharging of cargo in/out of vehicle;
  • survey and tally of cargo;
  • carriage of oversized and heavy cargoes requiring a special permit;
  • arrangement of the transportation of dangerous cargo by certified motor transport;
  • control and providing with information at each stage of transportation;
  • insurance of transported cargo according to the client's request;
  • issuance of supporting documents;
  • physical security and accompaniment of cargo by the forces of licensed security companies or divisions of traffic police.

Our specialists inform the client about the cargo movement on the whole route in the real-time mode, and this information allows our partners to plan their activity.

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Ставки и условия перевозки из порта Архангельск в:

- Сабетту;

- Нарьян-Мар,;

- Хатанга - Тикси - Певек;

- Усть-кут;

- остров Новая Земля, архипелаг Северная Земля, Новосибирские острова (о. Котельный, о. Диксон), о. Врангеля;

- а так же в другие портопункты Белого, Баренцева, Карского, Восточно-Сибирского, Чукотского, Берингово морей, моря Лаптевых, а так-же п/о Ямал и Обской губы;

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